A coffee with...

A coffee with temporary helper Mehdi Kebdani

... Mehdi Kebdani
(Temporary helper, ATLANTIC Hotel Vegesack)

A coffee with temporary helper Mehdi Kebdani

Dear Mehdi
Thank you for your openness and the insights into your life. It's great to have you as part of the team! Keep your positive vibes!

Describe yourself in three words.
MK: motivated – open-minded – hard working

Where were you born and raised?
MK: I was born and raised in Tangier, Morocco. It is in the North of Morocco. I had lived there for 18 years until my family and I moved to Bremen. 

Why did you start working at ATLANTIC Hotel Vegesack? 
MK: I have heard of the hotel. The first time I came in looking for a job was in in the summer of 2021. 

What does your job look like at ATLANTIC Hotel Vegesack? 
MK: I started with gardening the plants and cleaning the terrace. Every second day in summer and in winter a few days less. I also do service, mostly for breakfast and if we have bigger groups, I also do dinner service. Sometimes when the housekeeping man is away, I help out in that department too. My job is a combination of everything, and that is why I like it so much. In summer, I work like five times a week and from fall till spring, about two times a week. I like all of my tasks and service the most. Sometimes, when people realize I am not from Germany, they get curious and ask me even more. That is great!

What did you do before?
MK: In Morocco, I was in a Spanish school. My mom’s family side is Spanish. When we came to Bremen, I wanted to start at pilot school and did do so. After I finished the theoretical part, I got accepted at a different university in the Netherlands. I decided to go there, so I studied in the Netherlands for two years (2017 – 2019).   In 2019 I started distance studies and finished my IT Studies in September 2022. Now I am planning on doing my master’s in science at the University of Bremen. 

Sometimes people assume their German is not good enough to apply. How did you feel about that when you applied? Please tell us about your application and the job interview.
MK: I have got to be honest: I know exactly what that feels like. And still I felt like a hotel always has international guests and would be more open for people who speak different languages.

When I walked into the hotel asking for a job, they needed a night manager. I understood it was not possible to get that position without speaking German. Luckily the gardening position came up, and so they called me. 

What do you like about your employer?
MK: There is always a friendly environment, and the team accepts people the way they are and gives them opportunities. I do enjoy working here. I have traveled to different hotels in different countries and have not seen such diversity, which I experience here.


What motivates you?
MK: Friendliness of people around me who feel like family. People who make tasks easier instead of harder. In general, the thought of the professional position I like to have in the future motivates me a lot. I want to be an engineer for Airbus.

What compliment did you once receive?
MK: I got a nice compliment this morning: Being the perfect fit for the interview because I help a lot at the hotel and make a difference.

What do you do to relax?
MK: Music! I used to play drums in a band. Currently, I play guitar. 

A coffee with temporary helper Mehdi Kebdani

When I am not working… 
MK: …I study, play music, look for internships or read books.

For me Bremen is…
MK: … a city I will always come back to. Vegesack is such a nice place. I want to live here the last phase of my life.


// Publication: December 1, 2022 //

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