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Our values

Training and development

Our training program is demand-driven, diverse and target group-oriented. The trainings are build à la carte, modular or multi-level. In addition to on site training, workshops and on-the-job training, we offer e-learning and webinars. The training courses are aimed at new employees, trainees, specialists and managers.

Gruppenarbeit während einer SchulungATLANTIC Schulung_Gruppenarbeit
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ATLANTIC Training Gruppe am Flipchart

With the group-wide development program "grow with ATLANTIC Hotels", we build up our own talents and train them to become managers. By participating in the program, employees have the opportunity to grow both personally and with the ATLANTIC Hotels brand.

Within 12 months, they go through various modules focusing on "personality" and "professionalism".

ATLANTIC Hotels Bienen auf der Terrasse in TravemündeATLANTIC Hotels Green Service


Natural resources are the basis of our life and prosperity, the efficient and environmentally friendly handling is a matter of the heart for ATLANTIC Hotels.

What do we actually do?

  • Green Service: Sustainable stay for our guests
    Precious resources are conserved through the efficient use of precious primary energies. Environmental pollution gets significantly reduced and the company saves additional costs.
  • United Against Waste
    United Against Waste e. V. is an initiative against food waste. With the necessary knowledge, appropriate planning, a waste analysis tool, clear evaluation and communication, ATLANTIC Hotels make a contribution to the environment.
    At the ATLANTIC Hotel Sail City, the annual event series "Resteessen" takes place, which educates and at the same time provides valuable tips on how to avoid food waste.
  • Regional products are preferred
    All ATLANTIC kitchens follow this principle. The gottlieb restaurant in the Mercedes-Benz Customer Center Bremen is also certified organic.
  • ATLANTIC bees produce their own honey
    ATLANTIC Hotels are committed to the protection and preservation of bee colonies with their own beehives at the hotel locations and their own resulting honey.
  • Electric cars and e-charging stations
    First hotels are already equipped.


We love the diversity of our teams and support them in new experiences with each other. We see the competencies of our employees as a great advantage for the hotel group.

Since June 2017, we are part of the "Diversity Charter", which underlines our effort to the appreciation and basic understanding of diversity in internal and external dialogue. "We live diversity management with great commitment and do so every day," says Markus Griesenbeck, CEO of ATLANTIC Hotels. Diversity is not only reflected in the identity of our employees, but also in our daily environment with guests, suppliers and investors.

ATLANTIC Jubilare auf der Dachterrasse mit dem Dom im Hintergrund
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Blogger Events

ATLANTIC Hotels regularly host blogger events at various locations.
All videos are available on the ATLANTIC Hotels YouTube Kanal

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This video offers a glimpse into an eventful weekend with Instagram bloggers @mavieestbelle_jessi, @alinasdiary_2, @annaklinski, @shareenqueen, @leonasteinhoff and the @atlantichotels.

Due to the great location and the warm ambience, the ATLANTIC Hotel Galopprennbahn was always the starting point to all the undertakings. One of the highlights was the off-road vehicle course "The Rock" by Mercedes-Benz, in addition, boats were sailed on the Weser towards the sunset and a visit to the open-air market and a game of golf were on the agenda. 

Video by Marie Hilken: | Instagram: @marieluisephotography