A coffee with...

Auf einen Kaffee mit Julia Ohlrogge (Hotelfach-Auszubildende, ATLANTIC Grand Hotel Bremen)

...Julia Ohlrogge
(apprentice specialist in the hotel business, ATLANTIC Grand Hotel Bremen)

Dear Ms. Ohlrogge,
thank you very much for your time and the insights into your previous ATLANTIC experiences. You have a great charisma. We are glad, you are part of the ATLANTIC family!

Auf einen Kaffee mit Julia Ohlrogge (Hotelfach-Auszubildende, ATLANTIC Grand Hotel Bremen)

How long have you been working at the ATLANTIC Grand Hotel Bremen?
JO: I started my apprenticeship as a specialist in the hotel business on 01.09.2021, and I will soon be in my second year of training.

Why did you decide to train at the ATLANTIC Grand Hotel Bremen and why did you choose "specialist in the hotel business"?
JO: After graduating from high school, I didn't really know what suited me and, due to the pandemic, I didn't have the chance to try anything out. So I started the classic job search, looked at a lot of things and had a few interviews. At some point, I read the ATLANTIC Hotels job posting and realized that I identified a lot with what I read. The job directly appealed to me, it was "love at first sight". I was surprised myself. I didn't know that working in a hotel would suit me that much. While researching on the ATLANTIC career website, I also came across the "A coffee with" interviews. I read some interviews and watched the videos on the site. I liked that it's all done so authentically. 

The job posting appealed to me and the location fits well, since I also live very centrally myself. The constant human contact convinced me. On site at the interview, I could see that the team is very willing to make the guest happy. I could identify with that very much. I had previously thought about studying something social. This social factor is now absolutely reflected in my apprenticeship. I enjoy making someone smile.

What are the skills to have to do this apprenticeship?
JO: Motivation is the most important thing. It's also beneficial to enjoy learning something new, having fun doing the tasks and being interested in working in a diverse enviroment. People who work in the hospitality industry should also be able to get involved with people and be a team player.

Pick one of the five ATLANTIC values (quality, respect, optimism, credibility, loyalty) and tell us a few examples of how it is lived.
JO: Quality = For me it starts in the kitchen, how the colleagues arrange the plates. Just watching them you are able to feel the perfection / quality. Or how we prefer to wipe over the table a second time and rather check once more that everything is right. Flowers, for example, are also taken down from the room service cart if they don't look nice. Attention is paid to detail. 

What three words would your friends use to describe you?
JO: Cheerful - Reliable - Clumsy 

What three things are you grateful for?

  1. Actually for the apprenticeship, even if that sounds a bit cheesy. I am proud of myself for mastering the entire application process, from the search for the right apprenticeship, to the application, the interview, and the successful hiring. 
  2. For my family. For always supporting and never putting pressure on me. They always give me the necessary "building blocks" to develop freely.
  3. For my stamina, because I can rely on myself and know that I have the necessary discipline in required moments. 
Auf einen Kaffee mit Julia Ohlrogge (Hotelfach-Auszubildende, ATLANTIC Grand Hotel Bremen)

JO: I am very, very happy with my choice. At ATLANTIC, you are shown a lot of respect and the starting bonus of €1,000 at the beginning of the apprenticeship is also a plus. The hotel group opens new hotels on a regulary basis. The expansion is quite exciting. There are always new projects and special events. I like that attention is paid to what interests people. There is not a same old concept that just carries on. It feels like the group keeps being up to date. I also like that the ATLANTIC Grand Hotel Bremen runs different culinary outlets, which gives the employees and trainees the chance of getting different gastronomic experiences. In addition to the in-house gastronomy "alto restaurant" we get to work at "WKcafé WESER-Strand" and "Weinkontor & Café".

Which ATLANTIC experience would you like to share with us?
JO: About four weeks ago I worked at a wedding. The wedding took place in our Roof Lounge and was the first wedding I ever worked at. The interaction was absolutely beautiful. The wedding couple really harmonized with us - the service team. You only saw beaming faces. That was fantastic!

Where were you born and raised?
JO: Here in Bremen. I have always lived very close to the center.  

What do you do to relax and take your mind off things?
JO: Sports and listening to music.

What makes Bremen special for you? 
JO: Bremen is not so big, I like that. You actually always know someone and it feels very homey. I think it's great. 

What is you recommendation for spending spare time in Bremen?
JO: The "Osterdeich" is super nice. When the weather is good, just grab a pizza and ice tea and sit by the Osterdeich. You will have a beautiful look on the river "Weser", people around and a nice spot to enjoy the sun. 

When I'm not working, I...
JO: ...I enjoy my free time. I like to do a mix of active things and quiet time at home. I like to go for a walk.

Bremen is...
JO: ...home.  


// Publication: August 1, 2022 //



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