...Ngoc Lan Thanh Schmidt

Auf einen Kaffee mit Servicemitarbeiterin Frau Schmidt Hände

... Ngoc Lan Thanh Schmidt
(Service employee, ATLANTIC Hotel Airport)

Auf einen Kaffee mit Servicemitarbeiterin Ngoc Lan Thanh Schmidt

Dear Mrs. Schmidt,
thank you very much for your time and the insights into your life.
It is great having you on board for so many years!

Were you born in Bremen or where did you grow up?
NLTS: I was born in Vietnam - in Saigon (today: Ho Chi Minh City). We lived there until I was 10 years old, then we went to Germany. First to Oldenburg and then to Bremen. In Oldenburg I did my hotel apprenticeship.

Please tell us more about your name.
NLTS: We were named after my aunt. In my family, all the girls are named "Lan." I am Lan Thanh and my sister and cousins have a different name after Lan. With my daughter, I thought about doing it the same way. However, my husband was not in favor of it - so we named her Kim.

You have been working at the ATLANTIC Hotel Airport since 2002. Tell us about your time with ATLANTIC so far, what makes the hotel special for you?
NLTS: I always enjoy being here. The ATLANTIC Hotel Airport is like home. Many of my colleagues have been here for a long time and I really enjoy my work. I like working with people and I am happy about the regular guests.
I started in the early service, in the meantime I worked in the late service and now I work part-time.

Which ATLANTIC experience do you like to think back on?
NLTS: We took part in the "Badeinselregatta" in 2016. That was a spectacle and really a lot of fun. The ATLANTIC women's team got first to the finish line, by the way. I had actually participated in the "Badeinselregatta" before. The first time with a different name, before I got married.

What was the nicest compliment someone gave you?
NLTS: I am often told that I am nice and laugh a lot. That makes me happy, of course.

What recommendation do you have for people visiting Bremen?
NLTS: It's always nice to go to the Schlachte in Bremen's city center. There are many pubs with a direct view of the river "Weser". In addition, you can always pay a visit to the beautiful Schnoor district.

What would you get up at night for?
NLTS: For summer rolls and to fly to Vietnam.

What do you do to relax?
NLTS: I like to watch Chinese movies. I like Chinese actors and Vietnamese language.

Describe yourself in three words.
NLTS: Friendly ● Loving ● Humorous.

When I'm not working.
...I play tennis, go to the gym, enjoy cooking and spending time with my daughter.

For me, Bremen is...
...my second home.


// Publication date: February 1, 2021. //

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